Welcome to Fatherhood: 9 Awesome Gifts for New Dads

gifts for new dads

Is your friend going to be a first-time father? Are you and your husband expecting your first child?

Take a moment to celebrate! Why not pump up the anticipation with great gifts to set the mood. A great shirt for dads or maybe a video game are nice ideas to start but go the extra mile and consider a few items that are more unique.

Don’t worry if you’re overwhelmed with what to buy. In this guide, we’ll list down some awesome gifts for new dads. Read on and find out more today.

1. Baby Calm-Down Kits

Most men get a bad reputation for not reading the instructions or asking for help. But for new dads, the best thing you can give is a manual to help calm down the newborn. It’s important since some babies will cry even when they’re not hungry and their diapers are clean.

Some guides will teach you ways to calm down the baby within a few minutes. The best part is that the better ones have visual aids that help show all the techniques. Also, look for ones with reference pages that make it possible for the new dads to get information without looking through the whole book.

2. Sturdy Carriers

This is a must-have since dads will often need to carry the baby. It also allows them to do their daily tasks without having to dedicate one hand to carry the babe. The good news is that you can choose from a lot of baby carriers in the market.

In most cases, it all depends on your personal preferences. That’s why you should find a local baby products store. They’ll likely let you try on various brands to ensure that it fits the new dad.

3. A Flexible Bag

A solid gift is a masculine diaper bag, to ensure that the new dads won’t feel embarrassed when they carry it. If you can’t afford to have two diaper bags fully-stocked at all times, you can get a compromise. Try a compromise and find a gender-neutral diaper bag, ensuring that it isn’t too feminine or masculine.

It costs as much as $12,680 to raise a baby until two years old. Having a shared, gender-neutral diaper can save you some money in the long run.

4. Comfortable Shirts

Once the baby comes, most dads won’t have too much time to plan their outfits on a regular basis. That’s why t-shirts are a great gift for new dads. T-shirts are perfect for dads who want to relax at home with their new baby or spend the day on the go.

If you want to take your gift a step further, consider a t-shirt that was specifically made for new dads. Not only will this allow the new dad in your life to be comfortable, but it’ll also allow him to put his proud parenting on display.

5. Story Books

Some studies say that households that read stories to their children develop stronger verbal skills. It applies more when both parents take turns reading the stories. One of the best gifts for new dads are storybooks.

Make sure to get ones that they’ll genuinely enjoy reading out loud for their children. It’s better to get stories with wacky characters to help dads come up with funny voices. That will also make their children have a good laugh before bedtime.

6. Digital Cameras

A more substantial gift idea is to give a reliable digital camera. It’s one of the best methods for dads of saving their memories with their children. They’ll have the means of capturing their baby’s adorable activities and have something to look back on.

It’s also a perfect gift if the dad is into high-tech gadgets.

7. Strollers

When dads get back from work, it’s their turn to take care of their baby. An efficient way to do this is to take the baby for a stroller ride. Whether it’s within the yard or the neighborhood, taking their infant outdoors is a great way to give mom a break while getting some good cardio.

8. Bottle Machines

Moms often have to worry about a lot of things for their baby. It’s especially the case during the first few weeks after giving birth. To make it easier for both parents, you can give the dad a means of washing and sanitizing bottles.

To help with this you can gift them an electric kettle that helps boil water in a few minutes. It’s great for cleaning bottles, coupled with a bottle brush to help scrub away milk residue. Complete the trio and get a drying stand to ensure that the bottles get dry as fast as possible.

9. Keepsake Books

In most cases, moms are the ones filling out their baby’s milestone book. They record their growth as well as all their precious memories. But it doesn’t mean dads shouldn’t have their special journals too.

Giving a keepsake book gives new dads some prompts, questions, and enough space to write letters to their child each year. Then, they can wait and give it to their child once they’re grown up.

With that, dads can give a sentimental gift to their child when they graduate or get married. It’s a heartwarming gift that can span decades. It’s something that will stay with their children for years to come.

Get More Awesome Gifts for New Dads Today!

Most of the time, moms get the spotlight when giving birth to a child. But it doesn’t mean that fathers shouldn’t get anything. They deserve just as much appreciation for having their first child.

Whether you’re giving a gift to a spouse or a friend, these gifts for new dads can be a good starting point for you. Don’t hesitate to use this list and find one that works best for their personality.

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